Diocesan News – March 2010

We would like to congratulate the Team from Middleton College who won the Diocesan five aside soccer tournament. On Saturday the 6th of February (the Anniversary of the Ascension of Queen Elizabeth 2nd to the Throne) 12 of us headed off from Mallow to Ringaskiddy for the CDYC Soccer tournament in the Maritime College, the facilities there were fabulous and we left everyone enthralled with our football skills (unlike Mark “miss the ball” Dunwoody who needed oxygen to keep going!). The referees were so good that next year we will provide them with guide dogs! Our youth group would like to thank James Fluery for all the hard work he and his team put in to organising the event. James on an ongoing basis puts a lot of hard work and time in to the CDYC and into the planning and organising of events through out the year for the young people of this Diocese, yet he does all of this is a quite and unassuming way, thank you James.

On Tuesday the 16th February in St. James Hall, Avril Jennings President of the Mothers Union in Cork, visited with the Mallow branch of Mallow Union.
Aristotle may have never visited Mallow but his old friends members of the “Coleoptera” mob ran riot in St James Hall on Friday the 19th of February when the Mallow branch of Mothers Union Branch a “Beetle Drive”.

On Friday the 26th February the Church of Ireland Gazzette featured a profile of Mallow Union. Confirmation programme commenced on Saturday the 27th February this year we will have 5 canidates for Confirmation on Sunday 13th June 2010.
This year as part of our Lenten programme we will be commencing the Alpha Course, currently the finishing touches are being put to the course, which will be run under the guidance of Avril Gubbins.
This year we will be holding our Easter General Vestry on Tuesday 23rd March 2010, at 8.00pm in St James Hall, Mallow.

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