St Mary’s Church, Castletownroche

st marys church castletownroche
St Mary's Church, Castletownroche

St Mary’s was built in 1825 with a loan of £1250 from the Board of First Fruits. The church is interesting for its unique features.

The site of the church is quite striking occupying a little hill overlooking the river and set apart from the hill on which the main street of the village is built.

The church has a tall slender spire which is very striking, especially when viewed from the river bank near the Fermoy road. There are some interesting windows in the tower.

inside st marys castletownroche
Inside the Church

Inside the church, which, while compact, gives an impression of spaciousness, there are plaques to many local families who served the administration and the armies of the British Empire all over the world. The statesman, Dr Martin Manseragh is a descendant of one of these families.

George Burke, the brother of Edmund Burke, is buried in the graveyard.

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