Community Newsletter April 2010


The World Day of Prayer takes place right across the world each year on the first Friday of March. For many years now the women of Doneraile, both from St. Mary’s and the Roman Catholic Church, have organised the event together, alternating each year between both churches. This year it was the turn of the Roman Catholic Church to host the event and Mrs. Eily Palmer, one of the main organisers, suggested that it be held in her local church of St. Joseph’s, Hazelwood (part of Doneraile Parish). This proved to be an ideal location. It was warm, friendly and inviting, despite the dreadful cold outside. The simplicity and size lent itself perfectly to the occasion.

The theme for this year’s Service was “Hallelujah! Let everything that has breath praise God!” and that is what we did! This year’s Service was put together by women from the Cameroon and we were highly honoured to have two women from the Cameroon amongst us. They joined with other African women and men, from our own church and from Christ Chapel of Grace in Mallow in traditional dress, in leading a colourful procession and recession of praise. They also sang hymns of praise during the offertory.

The address was beautifully given by Mrs. Regina Ohonsi, wife of Pastor Francis from Christ Chapel of Grace. She reminded us that we should praise God in all

Situations. This is what African women do. They may not know where the next meal is coming from but they believe that God will provide and so they praise and thank Him in all situations no matter how bad things are. Certainly “the joy of the Lord” was very evident on the night. Someone commented that after the Service “there was a smile on everyone’s face.”

Afterwards, when we were all sharing a very welcome cup of tea, everyone was hugely impressed by the wonderful witness of our African sisters and brothers, and it made us only too well aware of the inadequacy of our own half-hearted attempts at praise and worship. We need to hear and see a lot more of them, and maybe it will be infectious!

We greatly appreciated the fact that our Rector was present to support us. Thank you to all who helped to make this such a joyful occasion – the readers, organisers, choir, those who helped with the tea, those who just came along and, above all, to those who organised the “praise” group. A special word of thanks to Mrs. Ina Lillis who put so much thought, prayer, effort and hard work into organising the event. She has certainly helped, in no small way, to revive the event. The collection of E300 has been forwarded to the World Day of Prayer Committee in Dublin.

Church 21

On Wednesday the 10th of March 2010 we held a meeting in St. James Hall Mallow to consider: What is our vision for the future of our church? Everyone who attended was invited to share their hopes for our church life together in the years ahead and explore ways to build on what God has done here in the past and to take part in recognising what God is calling us to prioritise in the immediate future.

The first one is to be held on Monday the 19th April in Doneraile, Tuesday the 20th April in Castletownroche and Wednesday the 21st in Mallow. All meeting are at 8pm and your attendance at these meeting would be greatly appreciated to draw up an action plan for the growth and development of your particular church.

We would like to thank the work party (men and women) from throughout the Union who responded to the call to help clean up St Anne’s Church and graveyard and to prune the trees in St. Jame’s Church. This work is an on going project under the guidance of John Coulter and his able assistant Denis Dineen. In the interest of gender balance I better mention Jackie Nagle and Eleanor Woods (even though she lost John’s hand clippers!)

We express our sympathy to Gordon Mewis and his family on the death of his father in England and also to Ruth Sherlock on the death of her aunt in Kerry.

Following Church 21’s discussions it was decided to arrange something for the over 60 age group. If you have ideas about this and/or are willing to help arrange something please give your name to one of the Church 21 members. Rev. Denis, Emmanuel Adebisi, Ruth Sherlock, Susan Brennan, Avril Gubbins or Diana Buckley on or before Sunday 11th April and we will then arrange a meeting to discuss it.

We are planning to do a time line in Mallow Church. If you have any photos or history on the church going back years and would be willing to hand them in (they will be returned). Please do so to any of the Church 21 members.

Eight members of our Youth Group attended the annual quiz in Douglas. We had a fabulous night and would like to congratulate our neighbours in Fermoy Union on winning the quiz. Again thanks to all those who organised the night, these events don’t just happen they are the result of a lot of hard work and planning.

The Mallow No 1 National School took part in the Mallow St. Patrick’s Day Parade the theme for their presentation was the Green Environment. We would like to congratulate them on coming first in the Education section.

Thanks to all who attended the Easter Vestry on Tuesday the 23rd March. Thanks to our Chairman Rev. Denis, Linda Deane Secretary and John Nagle Treasurer for running the meeting so well. The elected vestry members are as follows:
Mallow Rectors Warden: Emmanuel Adebisi
Peoples Warden: Ruth Sherlock
Doneraile Rectors Warden: Robert Gardiner
Peoples Warden: Jackie Nagle
Castletownroche Rectors Warden: Diana Buckley
Peoples Warden: Marilyn Cassey
Rectors Glebe warden: Victor Woulfe
Peoples Glebe warden: Andrew Gardiner

Other members are: William Bartels, Susan Brennan, Susan Buckley, John Coulter, Linda Deane, Kathlyn Foott, Myrtle Forde, John Gardiner, Avril Gubbins, Hazel Ladd, John Nagle and Edward Winters.
Linda Deane was re-elected Secretary and John Nagle Treasurer.

We have to thank whoever was responsible for providing and preparing tea for us after the Service on Mother’s Day 14th March and particularly – as has always happened over the years – to thank the Fathers for attending to the Washing up afterwards! Another word of thanks to the children of our congregation who, under the leadership of Rachel Wharton, distributed flowers to each of our Mothers present – starting with Mrs. Dorrie Daly, our most senior Grandmother. Last, but not least, our thanks to Ring Nurseries in Doneraile who kindly provided the flowers.

The Blackwater Social Club AGM was held on Tuesday the 16th March in the Adair Hall Fermoy. Linda Deane was re-elected Chairperson, Diana Buckley Secretary and Gail Patterson Treasurer. It was decided to have the BBQ and Ice-Cream Sunday for Down Syndrome Ireland on the 23rd May at Mark and Diana Buckley’s.

For our March meeting we joined with the Fermoy branch for the Lady’s Day Service on Thursday March 26th. We had a Holy Communion Service celebrated by Rev. Eileen Cremin and Margaret McCormack was commissioned as there branch leader on the night. This was followed by refreshments in the hall.
Our next meeting is the Diocesan Council meeting in St. Peter’s Church Bandon on Thursday 29th April at 7pm.

There is only two more Saturday mornings for bible Club before the Summer Holidays Saturday 17th April and Saturday 24th April. Thanks to all the teachers for putting in so much work into preparing for each week.

Plans are well under way for our Alpha Course which commences on Thursday 22nd April at 8.00 p.m. in the Hall, Mallow. It will run for six nights. The following sessions will take place on each Wednesday night.

When exploring Church21 we realised that, for change and growth to take place in our Union of Parishes, it has to begin within ourselves. This is the prefect opportunity for us to explore our Faith and to seek a closer relationship with Christ. Alpha is a tried and tested method of doing so. A lot of thought and prayer is going into the planning of this Alpha Course so please make every effort to be there. Don’t miss out!

This meeting – held in the Old McAuley Nursing Home in Charleville on the Third Sunday evening each month at 7.30pm has been running now for quite a few years and comprises members of the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church and our own Mallow Union of Parishes. Unfortunately the Church of Ireland representation has dropped sadly in recent months and it would be lovely to see more of us joining together for this time of corporate worship. Do please contact Olive Buckley (24165) if you need help with directions as to find the venue.

Lift up your eyes and look on the field (John 4: 34-38). St Paul’s motivation to save souls by any means made him sacrifice much and as a result innumerable people got saved even after 2000 years his epistles continued to be awesome. When a child of God was going around distributing tracts, he knocked at the door of a house. After a while a man opened the door. The Christian offered him a tracks, the man of the house angrily snatched the tract and banged the door shut on his face. Anxious to know why the man had been so upset and angry; the Christian went back to the house after a few days. This time the man has a smile on his face when he opened the door. He invited the Christian in and showed him the fan from which he had hung a rope to commit suicide. He had been in act of putting his head into the noose that day when the doorbell had rung. Dear child of God do all you can be all means to save someone. In John 4 Jesus ministry is going to an end but needs go to Samaria to do what to save the Samaritans. Children of God what are you passing through, when dark clouds of trials and temptations rise in our lives, we can look to the cross where the Lord has made a covenant of safety with us, if you look at your trial you’ll be discouraged. If you look at the cross you can press on cheerily no matter how the trials (Jesus is Lord).

The Month Ahead Pray with us