Diocesan Notes – February 2010

Some day, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.

Teilhard de Chardin

My friend old Murphy was up before the Commercial Court when the judge said to him, my dear man could you please explain to me what has led to this sorrowful situation? Well you’re Honour, says Murphy it all went wrong since the day I put my Motivational, Cds in the CD player and listened to them backwards by mistake!

Quite often when we look at the state of the Church and the impact it is or isn’t having in people’s lives, we feel as though we have read the Bible backwards. John Ortberg in his book Living the God Life, tells the story of Tony Campolo, who while in a Diner in Hawaii late one night overheard a group of prostitutes talking one of them Agnes announced that tomorrow was her birthday and that she never had a birthday party in her life. Tony enquired from Harry the Diner manager if he could throw a party to celebrate Agnes` birthday. When as was her custom Agnes arrived at the diner late the following night she was overwhelmed with emotion that someone had thought of her and wanted to celebrate her birthday. Moved deeply by Agnes response he called those present to share in a prayer. Afterwards Harry asked him “preacher what church do you belong to?” A one that throws parties at 2.30am in the night for prostitutes replied Tony. Ah no such one exists says Harry, for if such a Church existed I d be a member myself.

It’s the month of February, and already most of our new year’s resolutions are gone by the board. However, there is one resolution I invite you to re-commit to for the rest of the year and that is to make you own the command of Jesus to love others so that together we can build a church in which all Gods rainbow people can find a home. A church were, the lost and the weary, the lonely and the sorrowful, those living on the edge and the socially excluded, together with the crippled and the lame may find acceptance and healing and be invited to throw down their auld crutches come in and wobble with the rest of us.

A selection of books written by John Ortberg are currently available at the Scripture Union Shop Footprints 2A Bachelors Quay, Cork just above the North Gate Cinema, why not call in there next time you are in town, you will find a selection of books to suit all ages. Tell Padraic I sent Ya!

I hope you have all survived intact the frost, snow and the follow on flooding. It certainly will be the start to a new year that we won’t forget for a long time yet. My own two children were out building snowmen at 12 O clock at night. (The water in North Cork does that to you!). Though Christmas 2009 it already becoming a distant memory I just like to journey back there to mention the Concert in held in St James Church Mallow on Tuesday 22nd December and express my thanks to all those who helped make it such a successful night so much so that we hope to make it a regular feature of our Christmas celebrations. The attendance on the night surpassed all expectations particularly when you take into account the dreadful weather conditions; we received such cross community support that we had to open the gallery to facilitate the crowd. For a number of those present it was their first time in a Church of Ireland, Church, we hope to build on this new openness in the years ahead. Close to €2,800 was raised for Parish Ministry. The programme for the evening included performances by Cor Mhagh Ealla under the direction of conductor Mark Slade, The Eden Singers a four-voice chamber group from Carraigaline conductor Mark Slade , Tenor Des Flahive originally from Doneraile and who currently sings with the Philadelphia Cathedral Choir, Anne Sutton singer and composer, Barry Walsh, an accomplished Guitarist and took part on You’re a Star in 2007, Flautist Eilish O Sullivan, from Mourne Abbey and teaches Music in the Cork School of Music. Ed Winters Organist. Mince pies and Mulled Wine were served at the interval. Thanks to Linda Dean and Jane Annesley. I would like to thank John Coulter for decorating the Church so beautifully, to Ellen Woods, Paul Cagney, Noelle Burke, Denis Dineen, Immanuel Adebsei, and all those who helped in many ways on the night. Santa Claus paid a visit to the Bible Club on Monday the 28th December great fun was had by all the kids and the bigger kids (Parents). Looking ahead we hope to run an Alpha Course during Lent at the moment Avril Gubbins is busily researching it and putting the programme together. We hope the programme will be of benefit to those seeking to respond to the whisperings of God in our own church and in the wider community. Confirmation classes will begin shortly as soon as the rector thaws out. This year we will have five candidates to be confirmed on Sunday June 13th.M/p>

Normal Weekday Services in St James Church Mallow

  • Morning Prayer 9.30am, Monday, Thursday & Friday.
  • Coffee and a Prayer Wednesday afternoons 4pm St James Church Mallow
  • Friday Mid-day prayer at 12 noon.

Sunday Services

  • Doneraile 9.00am
  • Castletownroche 10.30am
  • Mallow 12.00 noon
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