Parish News May 2011

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Thanks to all those who helped prepare our Churches for the Easter
Services. Our first service was in St. James’ Mallow at 11am on
Wednesday the 20th and on Wednesday night in St. Mary’s Doneraile these
were both Holy Communion Services. On Thursday 21st April at 8pm St.
Mary’s Castletownroche we had the Maundy Thursday Eucharist when
the altar was stripped at the end of the service and we all left in silence.
On Good Friday 22nd April at 12 noon there was the Childrens Service in
St. James’ Church Mallow at which the bible club children took part.
Thanks to all of them for doing there parts so well. This was followed by
an Easter Egg Hunt and tea. Then at 8pm there was an Evening Service
An Hour by the Cross in St. James’ Church. On Easter Eve at 9pm in
Castletownroche we started our service outside with the lighting of the
bonfire and the paschal candle. Then we all lit our candles on the way
into church and started the service in candle light. On Easter Day the
Eucharist was celebrated in Doneraile 10am and in Mallow 11.45am.
Easter Vestry
Our Easter General Vestry meeting was on Monday the 11th April 2011 at
8pm in Mallow Hall. Thanks to all who attended. Thanks to all those
who allowed themselves to be nominated for the elections. The fact that
we had more nominations than places is disappointing for those not
elected, but it is good to see that we have willing people to be involved in
the parish.
Vestry election results:
Rector’s Churchwardens: Mallow – Victor Wolfe; Doneraile – Ina Lillis; Castletownroche – Diana Buckley; Glebewarden – Andrew Gardiner
People’s Churchwardens: Mallow – Ruth Sherlock; Doneraile – Jacqueline Nagle; Castletownroche – Myrtle Forde; Glebewarden – Susan Buckley
Elected Members: William Bartels, Susan Brennan, Maurice Clancy, John Coulter, Linda Deane, Kathlyn Foott, John Gardiner, Robert Gardiner, Avril Gubbins, Hazel Ladd, John Nagle and Edward Winter.
Nominators: Linda Deane, Avril Gubbins, John Nagle and John Gardiner
Supplements: Susan Brennan,Victor Wolfe, Ina Lillis and Susan Buckley
Synodspersons: Ina Lillis, Linda Deane, Richard Lynch and Edward Winter

Supplements: Susan Brennan, Emmanuel Adebisi, Maurice Clancy and Ruth Sherlock.

We would like to express our sympathy to Miranda Gardiner and family
on the death of her father in the UK recently.
Best wishes to Olive Kingston who broke her hand recently.
Daffodil Day
Thanks to all who donated so generously in Castletownroche Church for
Daffodil Day. 255 Euro was raised. Thanks to Betty Buckley Coordinator
of this collection for Castletownroche, Shanballymore,
Doneraile, Glanworth, Ballyhooly and Killavullen. In total in this area
3,400 Euro has been collected this year.
Bell Ringing
Congratulations to our Doneraile team of bell ringers for taking part in the
Cherry Cup again this year in Waterford on Sunday the 3rd of April and
coming a joint third in the competition. The team consisted of Julia
Lysaght, David Deane, Paul Deane, Roy Deane, Eddie Gabriel and Mark
Bible Club
Bible Club finished on Saturday the 16th April for the Summer. Thanks
to all our teachers who helped during the year Aoife Ladd, Liz Atkinson,
Ruth Sherlock, Shirley Wolfe, Hazel Ladd, Diana Buckley, Jennifer
Hartnett, Susan Buckley and Canon Eithne Lynch. Thanks also to all the
parents for driving in the children each Saturday.
Fundraising for St. James’ Church Mallow (for roof repairs)
Fundraising dance in The Arches Bar, Bellevue, Mallow
on Sunday May 1st 2011
Music by Dan Moynihan and John Linehan
Tickets on sale at the door from 9.30pm
Dancing 10 till late
Raffle for prizes on the night
Great night to be had by all Admission 10.00 Euro
Alzheimer’s Tea Day
Please come and join us for a cup of tea, chat and cake and support the
Alzheimer’s Tea Day at Mark and Diana Buckley’s home on Friday the
6th May 2pm till late. Please bring your friends to support this cause.
St. Mary’s Church Castletownroche
North Cork Classical Music will present a highly unusual concert at
8.15pm on Friday 20 May in St Mary’s Church, Castletownroche.The
performers are well-known violinist Katherine Hunka and accordionist
Dermot Dunne – a stunning duo with virtuoso violin and the versatile
accordion taking on the roles of piano, guitar and even full orchestra. The
programme will feature some well-known classics and should be hugely
entertaining. Tickets E15 (at the door or from 022/26145) – profits to
Church Maintenance Fund.
Blackwater Social Club
The BBQ lunch, games and Ice-cream Sunday is on 22nd May at Mark
and Diana Buckley’s, Bridgetown, Castletownroche. This year it has been
decided to divide the proceeds between Down Syndrome Ireland and
Build4Life/Cystic Fibrosis. The BBQ lunch is between 1pm and 2.30pm
followed by games and ice-cream. This year we have an added attraction
Roy Deane has decided to get his head shaved and is looking for
sponsorship. Admission is 6 Euro for Primary and Secondary School
Children and 12 Euro for Adults. If you need directions please contact
Diana on 086/1547810.
If you have something to be included in the June Diocesan Magazine
please give to Diana before the 14th May and if you have anything to put
in the Newsletter please give to Diana before Wednesday 1st June.
Email: or mobile 086/1547810 or address
Bridgetown, Castletownroche.
Weekday Services Holy Communion St. James on Wednesdays at 11am
Sunday 1st May Dance in The Arches Bar, Bellevue Mallow 9.30pm
Wednesday 4th May Mothers’ Union Council Meeting in Bandon 7pm
Friday 6th May Alzheimer’s Tea Day Mark and Diana Buckley2pm
Saturday 7th May Children’s Choir Practise St. James Church 12.30pm
Sunday 15th May Inter-church meeting in Charleville 7.30pm
Wednesday 18th May Select Vestry Meeting in St. James Hall 8pm
Friday 20th May Concert in St. Mary’s Castletownroche 8.15pm
Sunday 22nd May Blackwater Social Club BBQ and Ice-Cream Sunday
at Mark and Diana Buckleys starting 1pm
1st May (2nd Sunday of Easter) White
Acts 2: 14a, 22-32 Psalm 16 1 Peter 1: 3-9 John 20: 19-31
Castletownroche 10am M.P.
Doneraile 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.
8th May (3rd Sunday of Easter) White
Acts 2: 14a, 36-41 Psalm 116: 1-3, 10-17 1 Peter 1: 17-23 Luke 24: 13-35
Castletownroche 10am Family Service
Doneraile 10am Family Service
Mallow 11.45am Family Service
15th May (4th Sunday of Easter) White
Acts 2: 42-47 Psalm 23 1 Peter 2: 19-25 John 10: 1-10
Castletownroche 10am M.P.
Doneraile 10am H.C.
Mallow 11.45am H.C.
22nd May (5th Sunday of Easter) White
Acts 7: 55-60 Psalm 31: 1-5, 15-16 1 Peter 2: 2-10 John 14: 1-14
Castletownroche 10am H.C.
Doneraile 10am M.P.
Mallow 11.45am M.P.
29th May (6th Sunday of Easter) Rogation Sunday White
Acts 10: 44-48 Psalm 98 1 John 5: 1-6 John 15: 9-17
Castletownroche 11am United Service

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